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BIOSTAR-PACK for a more sustainable food consumption
A project to fight against food waste, a worldwide issue
Join BIOSTAR-PACK to produce innovative resources and packaging waste management
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Sustainable food consumption

Minimization of environmental footprint of packed food.

Fight against food waste

Valorization of organic wastes in development of sustainable packaging.

Innovative resources

implementation of an alternative material based on waste.

The Project

BIOSTAR-PACK is a project that perfectly fits with the call theme “foster the use of organic and
inorganic waste as well as their transformation in products characterized by high added value
” and interests the field of the correct management of waste products.

The Consortium

The BIOSTAR-PACK Consortium is made up with actors with a strongly complementary nature,
wherein all the necessary competences to finalize the planned activities and to propose a step forward in the generation of innovative
packaging solutions are consolidated.

About us

Discover more about who we are and what we do for making a real impact on the issue of
food waste and of the accumulation of persistent plastics in our environment.

Publications & Press-Releases

Publication 1

Synthesis and Characterization of Alkoxysilane-Bearing Photoreversible Cinnamic Side Groups: A Promising Building-Block for the Design of Multifunctional Silica Nanoparticles

Langmuir 2022, 38, 50, 15662

Publication 3

Structure of Starch–Sepiolite Bio-Nanocomposites: Effect of Processing and Matrix–Filler Interactions

Polymers 202315(5), 1207;

Publication 2

Chitosan-based biomaterials: insights into chemistry, properties, devices, and their biomedical applications

Mar. Drugs 202321(3), 147

Let’s work together on Biostar-Pack Project