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About Us

On demand BIOdegradable STARrch-derived composites for PACKaging (BIOSTAR-PACK) to solve real-world problems.


Conduct theoretical and applied research in the field of nanofillers chemistry and hybrid materials, polymer synthesis and photoinduced processes, advanced structural and morphological characterizations and mass transfer characterization and modelling in (bio)composite structures, food packaging materials


Develop recyclable and biodegradable gas-barrier composites for food packaging applications using as raw materials starch-based prepolymers derived from organic waste and naturally occurring clays as fillers in order to reduce food waste


Provide training and professional opportunities for young researchers to deepen their knowledge about waste management and circular economy, to gain additional skills through interaction with industries and taking advantage by the opportunity of a research activity period in the partner foreign university.


Encourage multi-stakeholder participation and decision making in addressing the challenges raised by food waste


Disseminate information and encourage literacy about sustainable food consumption.


Promote measures for innovative resources and packaging waste management.